I have faith, but how come I can’t walk on my water?


Matthew 14:22-33

In these verses, Jesus’ disciples were in the middle of the sea whilst Jesus was on the mountain behind to pray all by Himself. Giant waves tossed the boys’ boat and crazy wind blew so very strongly. All of them are very scared. But then, they became even more troubled when seeing a Man walking on water in the middle of the night. They thought that Jesus was a ghost. But then Jesus immediately said, “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.

Then, Peter asked Jesus to command him to walk on water so that he can come to Jesus.  And Jesus said, “Come“. But then after seeing all the turbulence and the raging waves, he cowered before them and began to losen his faith. And so, Peter started to sink and cried to Jesus for help. Then Jesus immediately stretched out His hand and caught Peter. Then He said, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” [Take a note of those Italic words or sentences].

Most of the times, people tend to be like Peter. At one part of their lives, they totally believe in God. But then at some other businesses in their lives, they’re all anxious and worried. And then, people will start thinking more toward the problems instead of the answers, and they’ll start to over reacting toward the problems. Don’t be too occupied with the low level of trust! Because the key to grow the trust to Him, is to see who Jesus really is.

Just like in our day to day lives. When we face our darkest hour in this life, or even when you reach to a certain point when you finally say, “Where is God?”, do understand that our God, is a Faithful God. When you can’t come to Him, He’ll come to you. Your God, your King, your Savior, your Best Friend Ever, your Coolest Dad, will always, and I mean always, come to you. Sometimes He let us be and ignore us for a reason; that is, to prepare us to receive His full blessings, and to be more like Him. He teaches the children He cares about!

So much of Jesus’ message to us is Come. Faith really is very simple, for simple people like all of us. Faith really means just come to Him. Respond to His call, respond to His Grace. Of course Peter had faith, and so all of us. But sometimes, when we can’t walk on our water, we just have too little trust, and too occupied with the problems. But I want to tell you guys something. Let us be preoccupied with Jesus! So, if it happens that you’re struggling to cross your water, just remember these verses and be refreshed 🙂