Dauntless Faith

Daniel 3:1-30


Sometimes we think this is irrelevant. But it is relevant.
Ex: Titus charred to death by fire for keeping his faith in the era of communist.

The Resources of Faith (v. 17-18)

– Faith in the ability of God to deliver them.
Our faith need some exercise to be this strong. Just like muscle. Most of the times we know that God is able. But when we truly experience the problems ourselves, are we willing to surrender all and believe in Him?

– Confidence in the Willingness of God.
Many believe that God is able. But not so many believe of His willingness to deliver and help. However, this does not stop here. Because if it does, we can blame God if things does not go according to what we have prayed. The key here is in the third resource,

– Acceptance of the Sovereignty of God.
The thirs resource is the key in achieving spiritual maturity. Even if God had not delivered them, they would not blame God, because He is a sovereign God and He has every rights. Just like Job who really understood this that he said that the Lord gives and the Lord takes praise be the Lord. This shows that we know our position and identity. Just mere dust and ash who receive the grace of God. That our lives are His and that we surrender our lives completely into His will and hands.

The Implications of Faith

– Faith is always confronted with a choice.
There will be no easy choice. God does not promise for our roads to be filled with bed of roses. He promise us that He will be there for us and never forsake us.

– Faith always involves a Risk.
If there is no risk involved, no faith is necessary. Jadi kuncinya adalah utk rela mengorbankan hidup kita dgn sgala risiko yg ada untuk Tuhan. Sama seperti Abraham yg mengikuti panggilan Tuhan dgn tidak tahu arah mana dia harus melangkah.

– Faith always encounters opposition.
The pathway of faith is full of blood and sacrifice. The hardships that we encounter in our faith journey will exercise out faith to be stronger.

The Deliverance of Faith

– Deliverance from trial is not necessarily our highest form of spiritual blessing.
God allow them to feel the fiery furnace first. God allow many of His people to endure tribulation and persecution. Paul, peter, and many more. We must not adraid of tribulation and persecution because Jesus had warned us the moment we decided to follow Jesus. The process of it is what matters the most.

– The ways of the Lord for His people are not equal.

The process of each people may be different. All according to the Lord’s sovereignty. He know what’s best for us and what acts will we do in the future. We have to accept the Lord’s sovereignty.

For some He delivers from trial. For others He delivers in trial.

If wars should arise and our sons daughters husbands sweethearts are taken from ourside, how r we going to react?
If business should fail or financial crisis happens, how r we going to react?

If illness take place, how r we going to react?
When a desire for life partner is nit granted, how r we going to react?

Try to put yourselves in these conditions, and tell us, are you going to blame God? Or are you going to be like Sadrach Mesach and Abednego as well as Job who accepted the will of the Lord and stay faithful? To the world this may seem crazy. But we are not of the world.

The Lord is seeking true worshippers who worship in spirit n truth, and the truth abides in the righteous people, and the righteous shall walk by faith!

The Compensation of Faith: Rewarded

– Companionship with the Son of God. Verse 25. God Himself walks with you in your tribulation.

– Have control of the flames. Verse 27. The only thing that was broken is the chain so that they are free. God can use tribulation and persecution to free you from your bondage.

– Vindication of their faith will defeat the idol worshippers and win souls.
Our faithfullness in itself has enough power to evangelize people. There are details such as no smell of fite and not singed even if it just little but because the furnace and fire is talking about the god of fire Izbar.

So this is actually the spiritual warfare between The LORD and Izbar, and between the LORD’s childre against Izbar worshipper. If they still hv the smell of fire or singed a little bit, the people there would still reckonize Izbar as a god to be reckoned with, even though he did not win. But by the total and full victory of the LORD, the people can say no more and submit to the victorious God.

So, have the resources of faith, and be undaunted in your faith. Just like the three men, Job, Abraham when he must sacrifice Isaac (Hebrew 11:19), and just like Jesus when He was in Gethsemane talking about the cup and Father’s will.

Be refreshed and Christ bless you all 🙂

Author: Andrew

I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ who has helped me with my once-miserable life, and to do His work in this world; that is to reach people who still doesn't understand about Him and the Life He offer. He is not a myth. He is very Real. I can be who I am now because of Him. He healed me, and showed me His abundant Grace. I was lost but then He found me; through the eyes of Love, He saved me.

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